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H1000 (Face Recognition with temperature measuring)

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H1000 device is an embedded authentication device based on Andriod system,which supports the function of face
temperature measurement. It can quickly and accurately test the temperature of human body, and alarm when the
temperature is too high. Mainly used in office building,examination halls, railways, banks, building industries, hotels
and other places where need identification.
Supports 1080P high-definition camera and speaker; supports COM port and TCP/IP communication mode; supports
external ID card reader and ID card reader, and supports a variety of authentication methods. It can be used with
personnel channels to facilitate personnel access management

Main Functions of Products
 Support human body temperature detection.
 Support 7-inch touch display with a resolution of 1024 x 600.
 Supports 2 million wide-angle cameras.
 Real person detection function: Recognize whether the collected face is a real person or not.
 16G storage capacity can store up to 30,000 white-list face photos, 10,000 black-list face photos and 50,000
matching events.
 Support External TF storage card
 Support various authentication methods: card + face, ID card + face, face, automatic mode (card + face or
face); and support two-dimensional code instead of ordinary card for identity authentication (devices need
external card reader to support card swiping function).
 Support Wi-Fi connection.
 Blacklist is sent through the client to support blacklist checking and blacklist event reporting, and is displayed
on the home screen.
 Support import and export of face iMeiGes and events.
 Device supports an external ID card reader through a USB interface.
 The ID card blacklist and face blacklist pictures are issued.
 Supports white-list face posting.
 Support RS-232 communicating with access control host and RS-485 communicating with third-party
 Support offline event upload.
 Support HDMI External Display Screen (need to be customized and extended).
 Support voice prompt function.
 Advertising message publishing: Users can customize text or pictures and publish them on the device display
 Support from the platform to the device, as well as from the device to obtain face iMeiGes.
 Support access to cloud storage platform.

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