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Raptor RFID in Action

Dec 17, 2014
We wanted to be ahead of others; Raptor provided exactly what we needed for Waterbom – A stable, robust, advanced, full-featured hardware and software solution.

Why Raptor?

The newest and leading water park in Indonesia, Waterbom needed a complete RFID end to end solution for their daily operations. All the different departments in Waterbom had to be fully integrated with one another; Entrance system, Food outlets, Merchandise stores, turnstile, lockers, customer relation management system, and inventory. Raptor had a complete solution which required minimal customizations. They also required the ability to report and control information from every department with consolidated and individual reports.
The water park required a total of 18 Raptor Touch screen POS systems with RFID readers, and 3 mobile Raptor POS systems with RFID readers. A total of 28 POS printers were used.  Waterbom is 802.11g Wi-Fi enabled, this enabled the mobile Raptor POS systems to take orders anywhere in the park. This improved system allows the captains to stay around the customers to better address their needs. Once the orders are taken, the payment is directly deducted from the customers’ splash bands, and the orders are automatically sent to the respective stores. The runners will deliver the ordered items directly to the customers, this saves a lot of time for the captains who would otherwise have to pick the food and drinks up personally. With the captain always near the customers, yocan be sure all orders and requests are followed up, thus ensuring higcustomers’ satisfaction.
Cashless Convenience

The latest buzz in waterpark payment applications, Raptors Cashless PO(point-of-sale) Solution is fully integrated consisting of RFID wristbands and readers at POS stations throughout the park. Guests at Waterbom can easily load money onto their Splash bandRFID wristbands using cash, credit, or debit at any POS terminal.
The process of loading money onto the wristbands is simple and fast. Guests can go to any POS locations throughout the park to load money.

Any data, particularly personal data, stored on the RFID chip can be encrypted, preventing unauthorized users from reading the data which can only be read by RFID readers programmed specifically for a venues application.
Having to work with different vendors for RFID integration, the industry leading MiFare standard was chosen. The RFID tags were provided by Sokymat, a leading RFID manufacturer, which was waterproof and could withstand the harshness of salt water.
Unparallel Benefits

Both guests and venue operators benefit from the use of RFID enabled technology for cashless payment. Guests no longer have to carry cash, a wallet, or a purse while at the waterpark. The wristbands are not vulnerable to damage caused by pool chemicals, water, sunlight, or stretching. The systems ease-of-use, speed, and convenience are key advantages for guests, creating shorter lines and faster transactions at all POS locations. Guests’ experience and satisfaction are enhanced using Raptors cashless payment technologies allowing them to focus more time on having fun together with friends and family,says Agus. Park operators can benefit from increased per cap spending and breakage - unspent credit left on wristbands after guests leave the parkwhich in turn helps increase overall sales revenue. The system can also gathecustomer and purchase data which is valuable for targeted marketing and promotional purposes.
It might be expected that purchases with a wristband would be easier for the park visitor than cash or credit card, and thus visitors make higher levels of purchases. Parks might include the freeuse of the identification device for annual pass holders, or for those groups that place a high credit amount on each wristband. From a marketing point of view, attendance should rise.
Though cashless purchasing are benefits to the park visitor, the real benefit to the park operator is demographics. The park now has thability to collect information for each wearer, including a complete record of every ride or shop or park bench visited during the day. This information will create a completely new awareness for park marketing teams and park designers.
The bottom line is simple; park visitation will rise and new demographics will allow the park operator to provide better services today and for parks of the future.

Country: Indonesia
Industry: Hospitality: Waterpark
Customer Profile

Waterbom Jakarta is the leading
waterpark and recreation destination in Jakarta. Located at Pantai Indah Kapuk in North Jakarta, next to the Damai Indah Golf Course, it covers an area of about 35,000 m2 with a parking area that can accommodat1,000 cars. It has a direct toll road access and only 10 minutes to the airport and to the heart of the city as well.
Business Requirements

Waterbom needed a truly integratetouch screen POS system which fully supports RFID technology in a mobile cashless environment. The POS system was required to integrate all the RFID equipment in the park and fulfill its functions as an entrance system, retail POS, food court POS, and customer relation management system.  Mobile POS systems were needed for orders from the food court.

Waterbom worked with Raptor as their technology partner to create a true cashless RFID experience. Raptor was required to interface with the RFID turnstile, RFID lockers, and RFID wristbands. A mobile RFID payment system was used for order taking and payments. RFID membership cards were issued to tracks visits and buying habits of their members.

§   Fast Deployment /Implementation
§   Cashless Environment
§   RFID wristband for alTransactions
§   Speed / Convenience / Ease of


e-Menu Mobile Application

Sep 12, 2014
e-Menu Mobile Application
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  • e-MENU Advantages:

Tenant POS Consolidation System

Sep 2, 2014
Tenant POS Consolidation System
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This system enables the Mall Management to efficiently monitor the daily sales of the tenants; it also facilitates automatic pushing of day-end sales report thru its POS system, to comply with the Mall Management requirement.


  •      Provides Standardized format of Reports and process.
  •      Generates GTO POS figures from the system (e.g. Hourly and Daily Sales Breakdown)
  •      Automatically pushes the generated sales file by the POS System of the tenants without any human intervention.
  •      Direct Interface of performance rent calculation from POS to financial system (e.g. MRI, IFCA, SAP and Yardi) without  requiring manual figure entry.
  •      Allows daily monitoring of tenant sales from system instead of waiting for the following month’s sales.
  •      Estimation of tenant sales in case tenants do not want to submit the figures (Estimation is based on highest sales or average sales)






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